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Transfer Anti-News: Maxi, Ryan, Andriy and Andrea

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Something, or a very loud bunch of nothings, is on the horizon for Liverpool in the transfer market.

It looks like the loan deal for Maxi Rodriguez has progressed into being a permanent move, if you trust his agent. I have to say that I'm hopeful that this gets pushed through, as Liverpool are sorely in need of a true winger. Admittedly, I don't know much about him, but I've been banging the "Liverpool need more width" drum for weeks now. And he did this. While statistically he hasn't matched his form or appearances from previous years, by all accounts he wants to come to Anfield and could provide Liverpool with added depth in attack. Plus, Maxi was genius on Winning Eleven 9 when I bought him for my master league, which is how I grade most players. It should be noted that I had Fernando Torres before he came to Liverpool. But also Robbie Keane.

Birmingham launched an £8 million bid for Ryan Babel, but apparently the club turned it down in search of more money. A few days ago Rafa said "at this moment we are not trying to sell him," but more than a few moments have passed, and if the price is right I wouldn't be surprised to see the Dutch winger leave. He's been open in the past about his displeasure in Rafa's selection strategy (or lack thereof), as well as his desire to have more playing time ahead of this summer's World Cup. He could certainly develop into a first-team talent, but between Rafa's stubbornness and Babel's immaturity, it doesn't look like a recipe for success.

Depending on who you believe, Andriy Voronin is either headed back to Hertha or into Mother Russia or your local indoor team on a cheap transfer. Hertha would make the most sense if they weren't dead last in the Bundesliga, as Voronin sparkled on loan during their league campaign last season. The Russian league has already started importing more talent, so a move to Dynamo wouldn't be surprising. Wherever he lands, he can't do less than he has at Anfield, whether selection or form is to blame. I will miss that ponytail, though.

Lastly, Andrea Dossena's move to Napoli is reaching Threat Level: Midnight, prevented only by the snow in Liverpool. The club will receive nearly £4.5 million for the neckless wonder, who never quite found his sea/land/football legs after arriving in England. Initially that seems like a steal, but in light of the £7 million Rafa spent to bring him to Liverpool from Udinese, it's not the shrewdest of moves. His move is a glaring antithesis to the argument that Rafa is competent in the transfer market. Not that anyone is making that argument, but still, that's £7 million down the drain. But Rafa also brought in Phillipp Degen at the same time. So, push.

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