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Matchday: Liverpool v. Bolton

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Sure, sure, there's a match shortly, but sometimes spam deserves our undivided attention:

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Even football must occasionally take a back seat to genius.



Carragher Skrtel Kyrgiakos Insua
Mascherano Aquilani
Kuyt Gerrard Riera

Bench: Cavalieri, Agger, Rodriguez, Babel, Lucas, Darby, Pacheco.

Largely a similar lineup to the one that drew with Wolves, save for two changes: Ngog on for Maxi and Aquilani on for Lucas. Happy with one, not the other. I may have it wrong in the formation--we could see Ngog on the wing, since that's damn near where he played after coming on at the Molineux. But so did Kuyt, so maybe it's another match without a striker. I'm hopeful that we can start to see some sort of understanding develop between Gerrard and Aquilani. One is tasked with doing everything the other is tasked with doing everything the other doesn't. Understanding would be a good thing. And despite not being listed on the club's injury list, Fabio Aurelio misses out on the squad for the third consecutive match, although Daniel Agger is fit enough to make the bench. Other than that, familiar faces all around.


Steinsson Cahill Knight Ricketts
Lee Muamba Davies Cohen
Taylor Davies

Bench: Al Habisi, Gardner, Robinson, O'Brien, Wilshere, Weiss, Elmander

In the run up:

--Further and further down the rabbit hole we go in the Juventus-Rafa Benitez situation, and now we have Rafa metaphorically holding Liverpool at gun point, or else he's gone. And the club have to be fighting to keep him.

--But according to the man, neither he or Yossi Benayoun are leaving. And Rafa is looking to the future. But Yossi wants to leave for Moscow. GAAAHHHH

--Although Vincent Weijl is. What a segue that was! The young Dutch midfielder is headed back to Helmond Sport, which sounds more like a sporting goods store than a football club. Maybe he's just appearing in a boot promotion, aisle 7. Regardless, experience is key, in business and in sport.

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