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Tom Hicks Sr. Doesn't: Makes Empty Promises?

Not to be deterred by the genius of his spawn, Senior sends an email of his own to a fan.

Which, thankfully, doesn't aggressively request any sexual favors or provide profane pet names. Multiple sources obtained a response from Hicks Sr. to another supporter inquiry, the text of which is below:

“Our debt is very manageable (see Man U) and we never use player sales for debt service.

“Our interest on £200 million is about £16 million. The new stadium will be the game changer. January is a poor quality market. The summer window will be big.

“We are working hard on the new stadium. We have an excellent management team and manager. We know we need more depth on the squad and will address it this summer. We hope to have a stronger second half of the season.”

Just like that, all your concerns are assuaged. Debt? No problem. New stadium? On the horizon. Transfer funding? But a drop in the bucket. Now comes the small task of actually seeing these things through. You mean people can save emails?

Don't get me wrong, this would/will be fantastic. It's a tall order for Hicks and/or Gillett to win back the Liverpool faithful, as they've done plenty to alienate most of the supporters and left themselves a lot of ground to make up. Starting to come through in the transfer market and following through on their promises regarding a new stadium would be a start, but it's going to take a lot more than an email or two.

Couple other notes for the evening:

--Ryan Babel agrees that more money is needed in the transfer market. I wonder if he knows that some of the money could be raised by finding a replacement for him.

--Some advice coming in from Anfield legend John Aldridge, and it's not roundly positive...I guess the consolation is that it's from Nuts magazine, so Rafa can read and soothe the sting of critique with buxom brunettes. It always does the trick for me.

Updated today, and pointed out by Reds69 in the comments below, Aldo has denied making any comments to Nuts. Which just goes to show, whenever breasts are involved, I'll believe anything.

--The club has signed youngster Nathan Eccleston to a new contract that extends his time with the club until 2013. He debuted earlier this season at the Emirates in the Carling Cup, and featured a few days later in the loss at Craven Cottage. Exciting news for Eccleston, and hopefully we'll start to see more of him, in addition to the other young talent with the squad. The Carling Cup exit means appearances might be few and far between, but developing the youth is undeniably important considering the somewhat limited activity in the transfer market.

Reading at Anfield in two days.

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