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Slow News Day

Aside from Babel having a cry that he's not getting any playing time and speculation that Aquilani might be closer to being fit than we thought, there's not a whole lot happening during the break. There is, however, a little news on the new kit sponsor. It's nothing new that Liverpool was looking for a shirt sponsor to replace Carlsberg that will bring more of the proverbial fat cash. It seemed that Standard Chartered Bank was the one that was going to land it, but now it looks like they might be in a bidding war with Prudential. Either way, the money will almost double what the club is getting now and bring in around £15m-a-year. That means we could buy another 6 or 7 Kyrgiakos'.

So the lame question up for discussion is who would you rather have on the front of the next shirt you buy? I'll miss Carlsberg, but it's not that great of a beer and it'd be nice to have the kits look normal when playing in countries that ban alcohol advertising, like France. Although, Warsteiner would look cool. Someone hook that up!

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