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Still Skeptical

Things are pretty grim when you start getting excited about a win over Bolton. To say that the team bounced back would be overstating their performance. It was looking like Liverpool were going to suffer another defeat or at least a draw until Sean Davis was sent off. With 80% possession, we have got to be playing better.

The strategy Bolton was employing was man marking Gerrard. If you can shut down Gerrard, you can pretty much shut down our offence because our wings are not being used well. That is with the exception of Glen Johnson who should maybe be playing in the midfield instead of defending. Either way, is continues to show his worth after firing off a bullet from his left foot.

I thought Kyrgiakos was fairly solid in his debut. It's hard to judge too much when someone puts on the red shirt for the first time. I think Voronin should be playing more, but I really don't get why he drops so far back to the middle of the field if he's supposed to be a forward. There were also a few times that he could have scored if he had read the play a bit better and been in the right spot. He's definitely a worker and if Hertha Berlin could figure out a way to utilize him, we should be able to as well.

I still don't like Lucas. I hope Aquilani makes a big splash in October and sends him to the bench. If Aquilani ends up being a flop or injured again, I will be depressed for the rest of the season.

Our set piece defending is still awful. It seemed to be improving last season. I'm not sure what changed, but it hasn't been for the better. Maybe we can blame that on Xabi leaving as well.

This is a good time for an international break. We need to stop and have another look at what we're doing without the pressure of a match coming up. Maybe Rafa will have some sort of divine inspiration and will shuffle things around before we face the mighty Burnley on September 12. After having their spirits crushed by Chelsea, they don't look as dangerous.

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