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The Sound of Crickets

It has been relatively quiet around Liverpool recently. I think everyone is still speechless from the Villa catastrophe. A few things of note:

We'll be facing Lyon, Fiorentina, and Debreceni in the group stages. Debre-who? They are the league champs from Hungary. Personally, I am not familiar in the least with Hungarian football and have no idea how much of a threat they will be. I'm guessing, not a lot. It's a breath of fresh air to have some teams that the club has never met in European competition. In theory, Liverpool should have no problem being at the top of this group, with maybe Lyon coming in second. We'll face Debreceni first on September 16th.

One of our promising youngsters, Krisztián Németh, has been loaned to AEK Athens for a year. This is great news for him as it will give him the opportunity to get some more experience. At the moment, unless someone in our squad gets injured, it is hard to get first team action. I would like to see a few more of these deals signed for some of the others. We have a huge squad that is just kind of sitting around.

It's off to Reebok Stadium on Saturday to face Bolton. The team should predictably bounce back before the international break. The next league game after that will be against Burnley. Why am I suddenly worried about Burnley?

I know this is kind of a crap post. Sorry =(.

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