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Come on You Reds!

I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I think mostly because I have been drinking light beer, when I realized that the dreary summer is over. Life without football has come to an end. Sure we have a few injuries and we're kicking off the start of the league with a tough club, but it beats the hell out of the position we were in last season. I think it was around this time that we were wondering if we were going to make it into the Champions League or not after drawing our first match with Standard Liege.

The gaffer has this eerie zen-like calmness about him. If there is a player out there that he really wants and has not been able to land for whatever reason, it is a well kept secret. The owner situation is stable for another year. The manager, back room staff, and most players are on long term deals. The only thing missing out of this equation is belief, but I'm going to stop with my negativity right now and say that I believe we have what it takes to win trophies this season. I believe that even though we may face adversity, as any club does, it is nothing we can not overcome. We are Liverpool Football Club and we've come to take your titles. Please engrave in a timely fashion and pass them up to the front.

A few videos to get you going:

New Torres song with extra verse

Aquilani Promo

Johnson Promo

Last season romp of Man U on Fanzone

Fans singing YNWA

Fields of Anfield Road

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