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Preseason Thoughts

Ah, what a pre-season it's been. We picked up a number of injuries, lost our midfield magician, but hey, at least we got a work out. Or something like that.

In the face of real competition, we didn't do too well. We managed to romp and stomp Singapore 5 - 0, and squeaked by with a win over FC Lyn, but pretty much got worked over by everyone of importance. Apparently, no one sold their soul over the break to gain new, phenomenal skills, so we will more than likely be relying on basically the same squad that ended last season. That is of course with the exception of Xabi Alonso, who will more than likely be replaced by Lucas--yay. Aquilani is anticipated to be out until early October, so until then it will be the Lucas and Masch show in the midfield. I really don't see our new Italian international coming in and making a huge impact right off. If anything, it is likely he'll start playing off the bench until he can show that he's got £20mil worth of mad skills.

Sunday is the big day and will start at White Hart Lane when the Reds face Tottenham. 'Arry has made moves to strengthen an already decent squad and will be tough to beat. Carragher, Agger, Riera and Skrtel are all expected to be fit for the opening day. Gerrard was withdrawn from the England squad as a precaution after having problems with a tight groin. Hopefully, it's nothing the missus can't work out before Sunday. Fabio Aurelio will be out until September with an injured knee, but Emiliano Insua proved last season that he is more than capable of filling the left back void.

I am definitely not going to say that the club is going to hit the ground running on Sunday. In fact, I believe Liverpool will draw this first match. Actually, I kind of think we'll lose it, but what kind of an asshole blogger predicts his team is going to lose? I'll go out on a limb and say the score will be 2 - 2.

My guess at the starting XI:


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