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New Summer Signing: CSD2

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You've been reading about Kaka' and CR7, well this is Liverpool's new addition, CSD version 2. You might remember me from a while back. I was the yank from Texas that everyone hated because I'm from Bush land and am out of touch with what's happening on Merseyside. If you've kept up with this blog, then you already know why I left. Now, why have I returned? Mostly, just to piss off Jack. He's had it too easy for too long. After landing yet another manager, he needs someone to keep his feet on the ground about the reality of his club.

In all seriousness, a club like Liverpool deserves coverage and I couldn't sit back and not see posts any longer. Like any good signing, I am committed to the club as long as my services are needed, however long that may be. I hope to bring trophies and laughter and horribly photoshopped pictures of Martin's mother.