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Statement from the Club

Today the club confronted the issue of the co-host of a popular U.S. radio show that, on numerous occasions, stated factually incorrect information regarding the Hillsborough tragedy and the club's efforts to find justice for the 96 (here and here, among others). It's been quite the firestorm over at EPL Talk in recent weeks, and until Monday there had been no apology. An "apology" came in the form of a written statement that was read on the show, in which he fails to mention the actual event itself. Afterwards you can hear him crumple the statement, then continue to deride Liverpool fans. Class act. Basically the equivalent of the non-apology, "I'm sorry you feel that way." The club responded today with this...

Liverpool Football Club totally condemns the comments regarding the Hillsborough disaster made by the radio and TV broadcaster.

He has obviously never taken the time to read the Taylor Report which stated clearly that ticketless fans were not a contributory factor or responsible for the events of that day.

To use the 20th anniversary of the disaster to repeat false claims about Liverpool fans (which he first broadcast and then apologised for in 2006) is even more unacceptable.

The man has entered the territory of the S*n in my book, and isn't worth any more time or effort. It's one thing if he wants to engage in discussion about searching for further justice or cause, but it seems like his position is that of joyful antagonist rather than ally. What's more disheartening is that this is apparently a well-followed program in the U.S., and casual fans will not have the benefit of context. It's truly a shame that it's grown to this level, particularly when you get the impression that there's a large part of this man that revels in the attention regardless of its nature.

Leaving this behind, hopefully for good, I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Liverpool obviously have nothing to play for in terms of silverware, but it should be a fantastic atmosphere and send-off for Sami Hyypia.

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