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How to be Oblivious to the Current Financial Climate, brought to you by Liverpool F.C.

Thanks to Daryl, who's informed me his is on the way, we have an image of the limited edition solid-gold Liverpool cell phone. Everything you've never wanted on your cell, 18-carat gold, a constant reminder of the soul-crushing draws against Arsenal and Chelsea...what more could you ask for? Maybe 20G's to buy it, I suppose. Full article from the Mail here. For some reason this makes me more angry about Liverpool not letting us use their crest...I can't quite put my finger on it...something about the level of greed it would take to sell a phone for that much, but not letting a blog use a 1" x 1" photo of the crest. I don't know. Now I'll step down from my ivory tower. Or my ebony tower.

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