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Rainy Sunday Miscellaneous

Really not much going on in the world of Liverpool F.C. in the days since the 2-0 win over Sunderland, other than the daily goings-on about contracts and ownership. And now takeover talk is back on. Joy.

Everything worth reading in the news has been related to Real Madrid's trip to Anfield on Tuesday:

Torres says he's ready to play. Hopefully this isn't jumping the gun on the ankle rehab, but having him back would be immense. Torres to kill the tie with a special in front of the Kop? Dreamland.

Rush thinks the Anfield faithful will play a deciding role. If it's anything like previous European nights (see below), I would agree. Plus he's actually been there and there's that whole thing about him being a legend, so I defer.

Fabio Aurelio says Real aren't worth a s#*t. Well, maybe not exactly, but close. You get the point.

Fabio Cannavaro, however, says Real have to be worth a s#*t. Master of the obvious?

Klas Jan Huntelaar predicting a Real Madrid victory...I'm confused...first Van der Vaart, whose time on the bench has been well documented, says the Reds are frightened by Real, then Huntelaar, who wasn't even picked for the Champions League squad, predicts a victory. I gotta start drinking the water they're serving on the Real Madrid bench.

Other news, quasi-Champions League related:

Yossi injured, set to miss two weeks ? This worries me...he was the MOTM at the Bernabeu and has been playing the lights out for a few weeks now. Consistency was the big knock against Yossi since he came to Anfield, and now that he's found it, losing him for the Real and Man Utd. fixtures would be awful.

Andriy Voronin, the Ukranian version of Samson, cannot stop scoring. Is he worth the recall? I've always been a big advocate of leopard-print track suits in any country, so I say yes.

Finally, the post about Champions League success brought some mixed reactions, some short, some...less short. I appreciate all the responses, and I'm still not sure how I feel, and I don't know if the answer has anything to do with Rafa staying or leaving. On the one hand you always want your club to succeed, but at the same time the urgency to win the league isn't getting any less. The performance in the second half against Sunderland was a step in the right direction, but there's a long way to go from there.

Tuesday can't get here fast enough...and ESPN seems to have figured out the right fixture to show. I'll likely liveblog most of my day leading up to the 2:45 (CST) kickoff, which will consist of drinking and eating, then some nervous pacing, followed by more drinking and eating, then crying regardless of the result.

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