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FA Cup Recaaaah crap

An Evertonian-induced weekend off for Liverpool, meaning it's time for rumors and half-truths.

Spanish clubs interested in El Jefecito: Not really much here, but apparently some Spanish clubs are interested in Masch. Seems like he's happy at Anfield, I'm hoping there's nothing in the statement, "then we'll see what happens."

Insua back with the squad: I think we're all happy he's back, his form was top notch before he left for the U-20s in South America. Not great that he was sent off in their last match, but he's not injured. A little concerned about this picture, though. He looks too much like another dimunitive Argentinean in the Premier League, who is on his way to your nightmares.

Van der Vaart making shit up: I don't remember any Liverpool coaches/players talking about having anything other than a healthy respect for Real Madrid. It'll be a challenge, no doubt, as their form has improved since Juanderful took over, but "frightening" might be a bit of a stretch. Placing an imprint of your ass on the bench apparently makes you supremely bold...or gives you flower-wilting gas.

And finally, we can melodramatically remember better days in the FA Cup.

Have a great weekend all, and roll on next Sunday.

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