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Pre-Arsenal Ramblings

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Things to think about as you wish that this thing would have been released in August...

Here's another well-written match recap from oh you beauty, as usual. nate's also got a team of the decade going on, with one poll per position. No real surprises, other than the absolute shocker that right now Djimi Traore is sitting on 0% in the left back poll.

Apparently the season starts now. Again. I'm all for looking forward, but seriously, how many times can a season be reborn? Do teams that do well talk about their season starting anew every week? Liverpool have to acknowledge their woeful start to the season, otherwise there's nothing to be learned. Tabula rasa can only be used so many times.

There's a chance that we'll see both Fernando Torres and Alberto Aquilani in the starting eleven on Sunday. This could be a major boost to a side that's looked to be out of ideas in attack lately. While he wasn't able to net anything on Wednesday, Torres looked threatening after coming on. And Aquilani was serviceable in midfield, getting forward far better than the man he replaced. He's going to struggle for match fitness obviously, but the only way to get that is by playing more.

Speaking of Fernando Torres, he continues to ingratiate himself to Liverpool fans, proclaiming that the supporters deserve to see Liverpool in a cup final. Nice of him to narrow it down as well.

More on Aquilani as well, with Masch coming out to back the young Italian. Apparently the contract stuff has cooled off with Masch, as he played coy with the media the other day. A lot of it might depend on the next month or so...if Liverpool continue to Zeppelin, I wouldn't be surprised if the contract talks with Masch stall further and he makes himself available for a transfer. But Liverpool would still have Ellen patrolling central midfield!

In two not-completely-surprising-because-he's-batsh*t-crazy pieces of news, Rafa Benitez has answered his critics, most notably Graeme Souness and Jurgen Klinsmann, by going on a potentially opiate-induced rant. He's also wondered aloud (sometimes internal thoughts go external with meth) if Klinsmann wants his job. Good to know Rafa learned from hitting out at his critics last season.

Former left-back Stevie Warnock took his 11th and 12th steps to recovery by admitting that Rafa alienated him back in 2005 by omitting him from both the Carling Cup Final and Champions League squads. Let me get this straight--a former player is saying that Rafa lacked empathy for his players? Blashpemy!

Just a reminder that tomorrow morning Martin (Arsenal Offside) and I (Clusterf*ck Offside) will be liveblogging the most epic match that will take place at Anfield this weekend. Tune in to either site to join the fun.

Back in a while with more Arsenal-related bits, but for now enjoy the safety of not jumping off a building.

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