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Make the Yakety Sax Inside my Head Stop

Little to say after what promises to be one of the most surreal thirty minutes in recent memory.


-Torres off, Ryan Babel on. Apparently uninjured. Maybe with the midweek Champions League fixture in mind...but after that first half stunner, tough pill to swallow.

-Goal Fulham. Nevland flicks home after Dirk Kuyt saves the ball from going out of bounds, directly into Konchesky's path, whose cross finds Gera, who nods to Nevland right in front of Reina. 2-1 Fulham.

-Nathan Eccleston comes on for Yossi Benayoun, white flag in tow.

-Phillipp Degen, who was largely positive on the afternoon, is shown a red for a late challenge on Dempsey. Probably not a red, but the tackle looked bad.

-Carra is red carded for dragging down Zamora. Down to nine men. Hideous.

-Ayala comes on for Kuyt. At this point, the attacking options are: Voronin, Babel, Eccleston.

-Dempsey trots into the box and slots past Reina. 3-1 Fulham.

-Final whistle after four minutes of stoppage time. Never has a final whistle seemed like such a rescue.

An embarrassing finish to the match to be honest. Liverpool were sloppy, careless, and unable to put anything together, and that was just in the first half. What a shambles after last weekend's victory over United, and a decent showing midweek in the Carling Cup. Cue binge drinking.

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