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Recycling Strikers

There is an ugly rumor flying around that Michael Owen is being targeted by Rafa. Apparently, he's into the last year of his contract at Newcastle United and will not sign another, hoping to escape the drama that currently surrounds the Toon. So the big question of course is would we want him back?

My knee jerk reaction is hell no. We don't need an injury prone player who's closing in on his 30s out front. Then again, I think back to Capello not naming him in any of the England squads and remembering how pissed off I was about that. You have to admit, the guy is world class. Under Keegs, he's already made his mark this season at Newcastle. I only wish our similar looking forward had made the same impact.

If we get to the winter months and are still having trouble with our dynamic duo, maybe we'll need to think of alternatives. It's hard to turn down a free transfer, especially for one that knows where the back of the net is. The real question though is would Michael Owen mind playing off the bench if our squad is performing well? The answer depends on what other offers he will have coming his way and how bad the situation at Newcastle still is at that point. Hell, I'm not miserable and I'd play off the bench.


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