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Stoked for Stoke

This is the low-fi edition of "Who are we playing this weekend?" I racked my brain about some kind of funny quip or photoshop project I could bring to this, but I've got nothing.

I was going to write about how Stoke City shouldn't be taken lightly and how they are capable of scoring goals, but that's really just "duh" statements for any team in the league. That's probably why they put teams in the same league, because they're capable of competing with each other. What a novel idea...

I do believe that this will be Stoke's first opportunity this season to visit a big four team's home and get annihilated by them. Annihilated might be a bit strong. I'm looking for a score of 3-1. They seem like sneaky bastards that'll catch our back four sleeping at some point, but don't expect much more than one goal.

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