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LFC 2 - 1 Man Utd

I'm so damned happy and drunk right now that I don't know where to start. It's not even 9am yet... crap. The best thing that could have happened was the early goal by Tevez. I think that slapped the entire Liverpool squad in the face and said, "You better wake the hell up." And they did.

This was the first match of the season that I can say that the Reds played the way they should. Riera had a great debut and shows a lot of promise on the left side. Torres did not make an appearance and we saw very little of Gerrard and still won which says a lot for the quality of the team. I thought the Keane/Kuyt partnership was working better then the Torres/Keane partnership, but then again everything seemed to be working much better.

The first half wasn't horrible, but the second half is where they really started attacking and at times I forgot that Reina was on the pitch because it had been so long since he was part of the action. And with that leprechaun jumpsuit he has to wear, he's hard to miss. The last few times I've seen Babel, I've wondered what happened to the Babel of the last season that was just a touch off and now seemed to be totally off his mark but then he comes up with the winning goal set up by Kuyt.

To be fair I think the man of the match would have to be Van Der Sar. He was by far Liverpool's best player, especially for the first half equalizer. *snicker*

This match should serve as the springboard that Liverpool needs to go on to dominate the league. I don't know about the kids on the field, but my confidence is certainly boosted. Next stop? Crushing those French bastards on Tuesday.

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