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The Games and a Dark Horse

I previously wrote about how much I hated the Olympics and what they do to football, but after signing Keane, I'm suddenly not as worried. Keane can easily slip into a wing position and we can cover Mascherano's position with the current roster. If Barry were to sign on soon, it would be even easier. We're going to have to get used to covering for him anyways. I have a feeling he's going to be missing more than a few games from suspensions. Liverpool are the only club in the league that's losing two starters, others will be out only one and yet, we're the ones that I feel the best about. We have so much talent available who are ready to bust out and prove themselves that any kind of rotation needed for cup games should be a cinch. Should be...

Call it the dark horse or the twelfth man, I'm wondering who will emerge as a hero when the starting XI can't seem to get the job done. I think it'll be Yossi Benayoun. He's a solid player that has shined, living up to his nickname "The Diamond," in preseason and just might earn a spot in the first team. Kuyt and Babel need to watch out, the Israeli captain is gunning for their spots.

Only 11 days until the Reds make their way to the Stadium of Light to face Roy Keane's Black Cats. As we've seen in the past season with many of the leagues, the last game was just as important as the first. Every point from every match with every goal and every minute played will be important all season long and for every supporter of Liverpool, you can bet we'll be hanging on every second. Personally, I say if we can't bring in some silverware, what the hell will it take? I think trophies can be bought, but only for so long as Chelsea has shown. After the initial spurt of arrogance, those teams soon fall to XI young men who are hungry for glory. We have more than XI who are hungry, so look out.

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