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CL Qualifier: LFC 1 - 0 Standard Liege

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I didn't get to see this one, but apparently we're still playing like ass and now to top it off, we've lost Stevie G for 10-14 days. He's finally having that pesky groin operated on, which apparently is not that serious, but will keep him off the pitch for club and country. Hopefully, he will be back in shape for when Man U come to town on September 13th.

Anyways, the overall performance shouldn't discount this great goal setup by Babel and put away by Kuyt. Apparently, the boys think that every game has to be dramatic and come down to the wire. I would gladly settle for a boring thrashing when the Reds make their way to Villa Park on Sunday, but for two sides that are playing below the level that they are capable of, that seems unlikely.