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Anfield to Add Luck of the Irish

Robbie Keane will be undergoing his medical in Liverpool today and is set to sign a five-year contract worth £80,000 per week. On behalf of all Yanks who don't know beans about football, I'd like to offer a big Flavor Flav, "YEAHHHHHHHHHHH BOYEEEEEEEEE!"

This is the signing I've been most excited about when I first heard the rumor that Keane wanted to leave Spurs for his boyhood heroes, Liverpool. He's a proven striker, the captain of his country, and also doesn't have to adjust to the English game. I believe he'll slide right in and fit nicely alongside Torres and at the end of the season we'll be saying what a bargain he was at £20m.

There's hope that the deal will be done in time for the friendly against Villareal on Wednesday. It's far more likely though that if we see Keane soon, it will be against Rangers on Aug 2nd. I just don't see him having one training session and then being thrown out there.

Of course now the formation will have to be switched around. What do you think the new starting XI will look like? Here's my shot in the dark...


Kuyt, Babel, Degen, and Carragher will all be inclined to push up while Skrtel, Agger and Alonso form a diamond with Reina to defend the center. Meanwhile, Gerrard, Torres and Keane go on to form the TRIANGLE OF TERROR. Oh come on, you knew it was coming.

Now official.

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