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Kop to Learn New Dance?

I was on the internet looking for new porn when I accidentally ran across this. With the deal for Barry on ice, it seems that Robbie Keane has been bumped to the top of the list and Liverpool appear to be closing in. I recall reading at the end of the season that Juande Ramos said he was going to have to sell his stars and it seems that it might be true. An influx of cash from the sale of Keane and Berbatov would greatly help the financially strapped club.

We've seen how the Kop and all Liverpool supporters have converted to honorary Spaniards with the proven quality of Torres. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that saw Torres win it for Spain in the Euro and shout, "we won!" But is it possible that we will learn to dance the Irish jig?

I say forget about Barry. Give Xabi Alonso one more chance. If we can sign Keane and he can deliver even half as much as Torres did in his debut season, I'll grab a bottle of Jameson and dance the night away.

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