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The Two Villas

As Rafa decides to wait and ponder his next bid on Barry and speculation mounts on the possibility of seeing the Torres and Villa partnership become a weekly occurrence, I can't help but think, where the hell is all this money coming from?

Rafa pretty much broke the bank last year when he signed Torres. I really don't think with all the financial problems that the club is having right now that we have the money for two big signings this summer. I'm calling Villa and Barry big signings because I think they would cost at least £20mil a piece. Reasons for the high price tags? 1) Neither club wants to lose the players. 2) Don Fabio put the armband on Barry for half a match, adding £5mil with one simple act (thanks Fab...), 3) Every time Villa scores a goal for Spain, the price goes up. If Spain wins the Euro, Villa might be well out of our price range.

But before we act as oil speculators and drive the price up more on either player, let's think of the world as we know it at this moment. If the club can only buy one of the two players, which should they pursue? Should Liverpool be content that Kuyt will end up being the striking partner Torres needs and pursue a solid defensive midfielder? Or should we focus on attack power and go after Villa, creating a Triangle of Terror with Torres, Villa, and Gerrard. Side note, if Villa signs and anyone starts using the phrase "Triangle of Terror," I am so suing. Another thing to think about is the possibility of the 6+5 rule being implemented. In that case, another Englishman would definitely be needed.

So interweb world, what do you think?

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