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New Stadium Approved and Other Crap

New AnfieldThe plans for the new Liverpool FC stadium have been approved by the city council. This means that the owners can now squabble about whether it actually gets built or not. The stadium will be able to seat 60,000 with possible expansion to 70,000. Opponents say it's too monstrous for the area. Then again, what area isn't too monstrous for a 60,000 seat stadium except for maybe Madonna's vaginal region?

Fellow Spaniard goalkeeper Reina has said that Fernando Torres will be even better next year; however Rafa Benitez is convinced that he will have a tougher time getting past defenders who will by then have figured out some of his tricks. What do you think? I think if Rafa puts the right people around him, Torres will have an even better season. So much depends on this transfer period.

Rumor has it that Riise has been handed his walking papers in a bid to exchange him for Aston Villa's Gareth Barry. I'm sure this has nothing to do with a certain goal coming off of Riise's head. It seems like most of the players that are brought in are for the midfield, do we really need Barry? With the current formation, our midfield is only two players. We need better strikers to take the heat off of Torres. The only thing I really see positive about Barry is that he's not from Spain.

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