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LFC 1 - 0 Man City

svencrowd1.jpgIt may be a fruitless victory, but it's still a victory. The score really doesn't do the match justice. Liverpool dominated Manchester City for the majority of the match, but failed to capitalize on numerous opportunities.

The away crowd did a good job of showing their support for Sven-Goran Eriksson, waiving pictures of the manager as well as banners that said "S.O.S. Save Our Sven." That reminds me of the Dubai S.O.S. banners that could once be seen at Liverpool games. Maybe Dubai can buy Manchester City as well.

A sad day as we might have seen the last goal by Fernando Torres. He has one more chance left to leave us dazzled for the summer, but for me this was it. All that's left to do now is speculate on who's going to be bought or sold this summer and then say, "I miss watching the Reds...remember how awesome it was watching the Reds and how awesome it's going to be when the Reds come back?" I kind of stole that line from Kevin Smith...oh well.


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