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Spurs 0 - 2 LFC

TorresI'm glad to see we ended the season with another win and even more glad to see one final goal by El Niño. It's unfortunate that the Reds spent most of the season trying to figure out who to put where, but now that the system is in place, maybe we'll have better luck in the next one. It's an uphill battle when facing teams like Man Utd and Chelski. They're already powerful clubs and continue to improve. Sometimes it feels like we're just barely hanging on.

It's going to be a long summer as we wait to see who Rafa will be able to bring in. Hopefully, we'll go into next season with owners who are on the same page, who support the manager, and have the new stadium underway. More than likely, the issues that we're ending the season with will still be there when we start the new one. All we can do is keep supporting the boys on the pitch and dream that maybe next season will be the one when we recapture the league title.

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