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AnfieldI've been racking my brain all day about what to write tonight. It's just difficult to believe it's over. No more chances for glory this season. We'll finish in 4th instead of 3rd, reaching the semifinals of the Champions League instead of the finals, and were knocked out of the FA Cup by a Coca Cola Championship team. Aside from signing Fernando Torres, you have to wonder if we're in better shape than we were last season. The question that's really bugging me is did we get worse or did others simply get better?

All that's left now are two league games that really have no bearing on anything. Winning won't put us into 3rd and losing won't put us into 5th. The season's over and we have nothing to show for it. The ownership is in shambles and the future is uncertain. All we can do is hope that this summer brings an end to uncertainties and that new talent is pumped into the squad.

I'm quite pessimistic right now and all I really feel like doing is drowning myself in melancholy. Will next season be better? Will we have new owners or at least owners that are able function with the management of the club? Will next season be a repeat of this one where we buy a few players that are enough to throw off the dynamic of the squad, but not really improve it? I'm anxious to know the answers to these questions. I'm pretty sure I can find them in the bottom of one of these beer bottles. I'll let you know when I do.


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