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If You Really Love Someone, Let Them Go

If you're like me, you love Fernando Torres but you're second favorite player is--well it's probably Steven Gerrard. But after Gerrard, well it maybe Carragher. Somewhere up there in the top 5 though is Peter Crouch.

He's big
He's Red
His feet hang out the bed
Peter Crouch Peter Crouch!

We haven't seen Crouchie in quite some time. Rafa chose to put him in the lineup Saturday, preferring to rest Torres, Babel, and Kuyt. I'm sure even after Crouch's performance at the Emirates, that salvaged a point, we'll see the three amigos again on Tuesday and Crouch shall make his dramatic return to the bench. And this is why I think that maybe the best thing for Crouch is to leave.

For a 27 year old International player, the last thing you want to do is play second fiddle to anyone. Unfortunately, as long as Torres is on the team and is fit, that's exactly where Peter Crouch is going to be. This does not benefit him at all and does not benefit the English national team. Quality English players are becoming few and far between and when one of them go down with an injury, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find someone to fill their shoes. Unless, they're Wayne Rooney's shoes. Those look quite small. And you know what they say about men who wear small shoes? They also wear small socks. Pervert.

Portsmouth have shown continued interest in the big man this season. Crouch could go there and be in the starting lineup. No, he wouldn't be on a team that's in the Champions League. No, he wouldn't be on a team that could be a contender for the league title, but then again, there's a difference between being on the team and in the squad.

Pompey is one of the few teams that stand a chance at challenging the big four for their status. With the right players, they just might sneak into Europe. Crouch could be in the starting XI every week and could improve his ability. Then, when international games come around, he can do more than sit on the bench in a coat. I don't blame him for not wanting to give up Liverpool. I sure as hell wouldn't want to leave after having a taste of what could have been.

For whatever reason, Rafa just does not have the big man in his future plans. He would prefer to keep him as a backup for when Torres is injured or needs to be rested and it just does not matter how much Crouch trains or how many goals he scores when he is put on the pitch, he won't be in the starting XI. If Crouch wants to remain a part of the national team, he must get in with a Premier League club that will play him consistently and give him the opportunity to hone his skills. Then, he will be able to show his greatness and who knows? Maybe one day he'll end up back with the one of the big 4 or maybe a team in Spain or Italy. For now though, the road he is on only goes one way, and unfortunately, is a side street that dead ends. And there's no U-turn. Also, there's those one way spike things that slash your tires if you try to back up. And crocodiles. You get the picture.

Here's vintage Crouch to warm the soul.

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