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Arsenal 1 - 1 LFC

Second verse, same as the first. I wonder what the excuse will be this week. My favorite part of that video is when the announcer wigs out after Crouchie scores.

Both managers decided to rest key players and let the subs fight it out. In retrospect, it might have not been the smartest thing for Arsenal to do as their Premier League hopes seem to be over now. Wenger says that it's still possible mathematically, but let's be honest; it's going to be hard to catch Man Yoo with only five matches left. They will likely be hungry for a win to continue in the CL on Tuesday, but will be fighting an uphill battle against an at home Liverpool side. If Arsenal couldn't get it done at home, they won't win on the road.

I'm glad Crouch scored. We haven't seen much of him lately and it was good for him to show that he can still find the back of the net (well, inside of the net) even though he has been left out in favor of the Torres, Babel, and Kuyt trio.

Man, I can't wait until Tuesday. Hopefully, this won't be like the movies where the third installment that's meant to wrap up the story ends up falling flat. For at least one of the sides though, it probably will be.

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