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Wednesday Already?

While having a cry about Sven getting the sack, I remembered that there's something going on Wednesday. Once again, the Reds make the long trek south east to London to take on the evil evil Chelsea Blues.
all in
What is there to say other than THIS IS IT! This could very well be the last meaningful game of the season. I'm looking forward to watching the match against Man City, especially since I'm sad about Sven, but as far as bringing home silverware, it's Wednesday or bust.

This team is fully capable of beating Chelsea and they proved that last week. Yes, we drew in the 95th minute of a 94 minute game, but that was a fluke. I'm willing to bet that Riise has been practicing clearances in front of the goal all week and will realize that his feet are much better suited for clearing a ball kicked low than his head.

I'm a little down that Barcelona couldn't get past Man Utd, but not really surprised. You could tell from the passing alone that the players are not on the same page. I think they would have been entertaining to play in the final, should we progress, but Man Utd will do. They're being touted as the best team in the world right now, so who better to crush? We just have to get through that pesky Russian team first.

If you're stuck at work without a TV, catch the action here at Daryl's live blog.

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