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Birmingham Result and Diving Drogba

Sorry for the delayed post, but I really couldn't think of anything to write other than, "it happened like I thought it'd happen." Rafa rotated out key players to give them a rest before Wednesday and they drew, securing their spot in Champions League qualification next season.

For a good rundown of the match, check out I was going to post the same highlight video they have here, but you can just follow the link. After reading Rob's post on the Champions League blog, I decided to post some different videos.

Other than the fact that Torres is as much a diver as Drogba, It does seem a strange way to approach the build up to a game.

Is that right? I'd like to see what evidence this statement is based on other than still throwing a fit about Materazzi getting himself sent off because apparently that's why Inter couldn't ever find the back of the net in two matches. I've always seen Torres make the extra effort to keep his feet and avoid other players. Maybe that's why he has 30 goals and Drogba has 13.

Here's some clips of the real drama queen...

and finally.. a funny one:

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