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New Kit and the Two Blues

The new home Liverpool kit has been officially announced along with the new keeper kit. It looks remarkably like what I posted before. It's almost like...someone knew. I can't wait to get mine. I'll be sporting the #9. Hopefully, it won't be too long before these are available in the States.

We have a little match with Birmingham City on Saturday. I say little because it will probably be another opportunity for Rafa to rest several key players for Wednesday at Stamford Bridge. Birmingham has the number one spot in the relegation zone and are coming off of a 5-1 raping by Aston Villa. And if you think our board has problems, at least they're not being arrested.

Rafa will more than likely put a conservative squad out and play for a draw, hoping for the accidental goal (maybe even in the proper net). We only need one point to stay clear of Everton for the rest of the season. Chelsea on the other hand, needs to beat Man Utd to keep their league hopes alive so will more than likely field their best XI. Frank Lampard will no doubt miss out this weekend after having lost his mother and is questionable for Wednesday. I was really sorry to hear of that happening because 1) losing a mother is horrible, especially when she was only 59, and 2) I want Chelsea to be in great form with all their players in good shape when we zip past them. C'est la vie.

Speaking of the Champions League, apparently Riise was the victim of some training ground graffiti. I tended to agree back when they spray painted "play your best team for fuck sake," but kicking a man when he's down is a bit much. Riise has been a great player for the club and has produced some memorable moments. Just because he made one mistake isn't enough to write him off. He's already going through enough crap. Could you imagine having to go back to the locker room after heading a ball into your own net in the last few seconds of such an important match? Let the poor guy be and remember the words that are sung at every match.


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