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Fulham Result and What Not

My normal video link site didn't have the highlights for the Fulham match (Reds win 2-0 surprise surprise), so I decided to post the new home kit instead.
new kitTa-da. Now you don't have to wait another 5 days or whatever it is to find out. Thanks to Anfield Online for finding those pics. They knew about it back in January. I'm so slow. Anyways, as you can see they finally got rid of that ridiculous collar. I have some bad news about the away and 3rd kits though. They're not so cool. I'll let you goto Anfield Online and dig those up.

Steven Gerrard is questionable for Tuesday and may not be risked after injuring his neck in training. My favorite quote from Rafa:

"You always have to be careful with the neck. He's been scoring a lot of goals with his head!"

I think we might have signed Jose Mourinho. If we haven't, he should get a few bucks for the mind games he's playing with Grant. Recently in an interview, the Special One said that Chelsea could win both the league and the Champions League. To me, that's his way of saying, "You can do it; if you don't, you suck." He also said he wanted Chelsea to have success because he wanted that for his friends there, including the Russian, but refused to say anything about Grant. Ouch.

I'm considering live blogging the first leg of the clash with Chelsea, but don't know if my sobriety will allow me to. If I do, I'll make a post early Tuesday.

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