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Anfield Unrest Part 37

Some people just never learn. It's not what you do, it's that everyone knows about it. Tom Hicks this means you.

Rick Parry recently found out via Sky Sports that he had been asked to resign by Tom Hicks. That must be nice for you and your family to hear about when you've sat down to relax. Hicks believes Parry is the reason for missing transfer opportunities and wants him to step down. The only problem with this is that to fire Parry, it would take the approval of all board members, one of which is Parry himself. Gillett, who is also on the board along with his son, has publicly backed Parry and has no intention of forcing him out.

I think the best quote in this comes from Rick Parry who said:

This week I shouldn't be the story, the story should be the team. It is offensive to the manager, players and fans in a week when we had another great European triumph there is more dirty linen being washed.

Well said.

And just for Django...
I call it The Hicksler.

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