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LFC 3 - 0 Newcastle Utd.

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1st half highlights

2nd half highlights

This crystal ball I have isn't worth a shit. It did get the win right, though. This one makes it four successive league wins in a row with the boys making their next stop at San Siro on Tuesday to face Inter Milan for the second leg of the Champions League round where they are ahead on aggregate 2-0.

Jermaine Pennant had a very fortunate deflection at 43'. Soon after, Torres and Gerrard netted a goal each that made Rafa able to rest them early. The three defender formation seems to be doing the trick and will more than likely be seen against on Tuesday. Kevin Keegan seems resigned to the fact that his team is awful and there's nothing he's going to be able to do about it until the summer.

Oh, and for any Chelsea fans reading: I told you they were the MIGHTY Barnsley.

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