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LFC 4 - 0 West Ham--El Niño Strikes Again!

Thank you, Everton, for keeping our seat warm. I don't really know what else to say other than, "tee-hee!" It's like Christmas came twice this year. All I wanted was for the club to be in good form and now I have it.

Apparently, when you have been hurling your brains out with a stomach bug, the way to get over it is to score a treble in a home game. This video will probably get jacked soon, so watch it while you can.

Gerrard also sent in a screamer to the top right corner, shortly after Torres's last goal. Lucas Leiva was mysteriously absent again. He must look like crap in training or is part of some master plan.

We get the Geordies on Saturday. I can already hear Kevin Keegan sobbing. It's okay, big guy, I wouldn't want to play us right now either.

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