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Hicks and Gillett Given 24 hrs to Respond to DIC Offer

DICDubai International Capital is making a last ditch effort in their bid to gain a controlling stake in LFC. They have gone public with their negotiations in the hopes to use fan support against the current owners, Hicks and Gillett. The only problem with this is that the fans already don't like them and at least one of the owners doesn't care.

The offer is £400m for the club. Gillett is willing to sell, more than likely out of embarrassment when it was revealed that he was the one that was looking to Jürgen Klinsmann as an insurance policy should Rafa need to be replaced. True to his word, Hicks is not willing to sell. The two have an agreement that states that either partner can block the other from selling their stake which is what Hicks is doing now. Instead, it's looking like the Texan has raised the money he needs to buy out Gillett himself.

So what horrible things will happen if and when Hicks gains full control? Possible changes in the back office, a new contract for Rafa, and more money made available to him for transfers in the summer. I know, it sounds horrible. Hicks gaining full control is just what the club needs to progress: one owner that is committed to making it better. What the club doesn't need is an outsider coming in shaking everything up. It's time to build, not demolish.

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