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Copyright Laws 1- O Bloggers

videoOne of the most difficult things for me to do when writing a post match reaction is to find video highlights. Finding videos of the goals scored is starting to become like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I'm not sure that such a thing exists anymore.

While writing about Liverpool's victory over Bolton, I stumbled on a video that had all the goals in a neat little package that someone had cut together. Very nice, or so I thought. While at work, I was checking the blog for comments (because bloggers live for that shit), when I realized that the video was no longer up. Whoever was hosting it had yanked it and when I say "yanked," I don't mean painted it red, white, and blue, but had taken it off because of copyright regulations.

Once upon a time, I was an author. Not a very good one mind you, but still, I've had a thing or two published. One of the most important things when publishing and quoting is naming sources. Now, in the writing world, if you need to borrow something from work that someone else has done, you put it in quotes and site them as a source and the world sort of continues to turn. So I must ask this question: Why is it that you cannot use clips of a match when the owner's signature is plastered all over the score line? We know it's Sky property. Why not let people use 2 minutes out of a 90 minute match to talk about it and maybe they'll bother to tune in the next time you broadcast something? Ass hats.

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