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Merseyside Derby!

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, when our neighbors, Everton, come to visit at Anfield. In the first meeting, LFC squeaked out a win at Goodison Park 1-2. You might remember the controversial switch when Rafa took out Steven Gerrard because he was playing with "too much passion." Hopefully, Stevie G will make it the full 90 or at least long enough to ensure we're well ahead.

As far as injuries go, Torres should be fit for the match. Tim Cahill will more than likely be out for the rest of the season for Everton and they will also probably be missing Andy Johnson. Mascherano will definitely miss this match, serving a suspension for his red card debacle last week. Hopefully, this will be the only match he has to miss.

Coming off of a routing by Man Yoo, LFC will be looking to redeem themselves and the derby at Anfield is the perfect place. All pressure will be on Everton who trail the Reds by 2 points on the table. If they somehow manage to pull off a win, their hopes of the Champions League next season will be kept alive. This seems unlikely though because if they couldn't win when Liverpool were struggling earlier this season at home, they definitely will not get the job done at an away game. This is the match that Everton do not want to play.