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Gillett Defecting to Canada...Again

Montreal Gillett
George Gillett is apparently engaging in another soccer partnership (what could go wrong?), this time in a bid to bring an MLS club to Montreal. He's teaming up with the Montreal Impact to bring them into Major League Soccer. They would change the name to Montreal FC and increase the size of Saputo Stadium from 13,000 to 20,000 seats. Gillett already owns the Montreal Candiens and can take over the entire city one sports team at a time.

This should be good for MLS. The Montreal Impact isn't too horrible and the people in Canada seem to like their soccer. I remember just being in aw while watching a Toronto FC game. Seeing a full stadium of crazed supporters for an unproven expansion team was quite the site. Especially, when they scored the first goal and littered the field with seat cushions.

Gillett seems hell bent on owning a club where the fans don't hate him. Canada might be his best option.

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