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And... We're Back!

The Verizon gods have been kind and instead of having my DSL turned on Thursday, it was turned on Monday. So, after two weeks of moving and fighting with utility people, I'm finally settled. Now I have the time and opportunity to talk about that bunch of bullshit that happened Sunday, so let's get into it.

First of all, we played like crap. That's no secret. The defense wasn't there and if Reina wasn't an acrobat, it would have probably have been 6-0.Mascherano Sent Off Mascherano was given a second yellow and sent off when he asked why Torres had been booked. Ryan Babel has confirmed that is what happened as he overheard what Javier was saying to the ref. I'm sure with his thick Argentinean accent "Why was Torres booked?" came out as "That's bullshit cocksucker!" It's all in the regional dialect.

I'd bitch about him being sent off, actually I will because it was harsh. Then again, he shouldn't have been talking to the ref in the first place and definitely not when he was already carrying a yellow. It's still a crap call by the ref though. Now, I don't think for a minute that the 10 man team is what lost the game, it looked like it was over before it began, but it's quite a travesty for him to miss three games over that.

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