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LFC 2 - 1 Reading

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One more notch on the bedpost. Eight matches left and eight points behind the leaders. Oh, and guess who lost this weekend? Just goes to show you, it's a crazy game.

I thought the team looked a little tired in this match, but after the past two weeks, who can blame them? It's amazing that the club has been getting the results it needs with the workload they have had to take on.

For some reason, finding Champions League fixtures is more challenging than finding a shopping cart that doesn't wobble at Wal Mart. Up until today, I was convinced that UEFA was smoking crack and only scheduled this round for one leg because ESPN and another of other sites suck. First leg is on Wednesday April 2nd at the Emirates. The second leg will be on Tuesday April 8th at Anfield.

Not having Internet access at home right now SUCKS. I'm always in a rush and won't have time to do any Photoshopping for another week or two.