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Could Have Been Worse

My Internet is still down, so I'm sneaking on the office computer. I probably won't be back up to running full speed until at least a week. Sorry for the lack of posting.

We get the Gunners in the next round of the Champions League. That's okay with me. With the current form of the club, taking down Arsenal should be doable. I do think it will be an interesting game though. If we can shutdown Arsenal's speed, we'll be fine. Is this round only one leg? Friggin weird. This also keeps my hope for a Roma/Liverpool final alive.

Harry Kewell will more than likely be leaving. Rafa recently gave Kewell the thumbs up to go play for the Australian national team since he wasn't currently in the Reds' lineup. The hope is that Kewell will be fitter and in better form when he returns.

We play Reading this weekend. Shall crush them. That is all.

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