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Bolton Preview

As I sit here drinking a beer before work (yes, I'm that guy), I can't help but be a bit worried about tomorrow's match. Why you ask? Torres is on fire. We have pretty much everyone returning from injury. What could be a better time to squash Bolton? Well, the thing is though, we just don't perform that well at Reebok Stadium.

Here are the past few encounters:

2007/2008 Liverpool 4 - 0 Bolton
2006/2007 Liverpool 3 - 0 Bolton
2006/2007 Bolton 2 - 0 Liverpool
2005/2006 Liverpool 1 - 0 Bolton
2005/2006 Bolton 2 - 2 Liverpool
2004/2005 Liverpool 1 - 0 Bolton
2004/2005 Bolton 1 - 0 Liverpool

At home it's obvious we can crush them, however history shows that we'll have a tough time getting three points tomorrow. I'm expecting Rafa to go conservative one and hopefully squeak out a draw. Then, we can unleash the big dogs Wednesday when West Ham comes over to play.

The Crystal Ball is telling me LFC 2 - 2 Bolton for tomorrow.

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