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If the BPL Was Being Attacked by Zombies...

It's been sort of a slow news week at Anfield with nothing new on Mascherano and nothing but injuries to talk about. Instead, let's delve into a hypothetical question. Zombies are raiding the Barclays Premier League. Who do you let them have? Who do you save?

Personally, I'd let them have Didier Drogba drogba muppetfor no other reason than he is a complete muppet. I'm happy this week, wait no, I'm upset, wait no, I'm upset at people being upset, wait no, I'm happy. From the people who brought you bipolar disorders...

On the other hand, if there was one footballer that I could definitely save, I would pick Steven Gerrard. He slips up now and then, but all around is entertaining to watch and produces some memorable moments. You can't not pick the captain of captains.

What about you? Who would you get rid of and who would you save?

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