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The Wheel of Death

Wheel of DeathWhile slamming down bottles of Amber Bock and jamming to Paramore (love a chick that can rock), I began to contemplate the upcoming club schedule and Rafa's rotation policy which seems to be dwindling away. After deciding that I'm comfortable in my own hypocrisy, I have to ask, "Maybe we should... umm... rotate more?"

Check out the schedule for the next couple of weeks:

02 Mar, 2008 Bolton Wanderers (A)
05 Mar, 2008 West Ham United (H)
08 Mar, 2008 Newcastle United (H)
11 Mar, 2008 Inter Milan (A)
15 Mar, 2008 Reading (H)

That's a match every three days with the exception of Reading which will be after four. These fixtures are going to be rough with so many clubs battling for fourth position, we really can't afford to lose any of them. After being buried by Blackburn last week, Bolton will be looking for a win at home to stay away from the relegation zone. West Ham have already beaten us once and shouldn't be underestimated. Newcastle is the only team that I would say we could have a fair shot against while resting some of our key players, but then again we all know what happened when we tried that against Barnsley. Our strongest XI will have to face Inter Milan (have I mentioned lately that we beat them?) in the only cup run we have left. Hopefully, if we've had good results up to that point, we can give some of the starters a rest against Reading, but if not, we'll need to ensure a victory to stay competitive in the league.

We need a lot of good results in a short period of time. Unfortunately, I think this is going to end in some injuries to key players. With Agger and others returning, we should hopefully be able to pull some decent rotations if needed. Only the mind of Rafa could possibly sort all this out. Time to earn that paycheck.

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