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Torres Finds Form and The Godfather Says, "Watch Your Back"

While waiting for the NASCAR race to restart, I remembered that my first duty is to write about Liverpool, so here we go...

TorresTorres seems to have found his pristine form again, thus regaining man crushes from millions of adoring fans. What makes him even more likable is that he appears to be here for the long haul. He recently said in an interview that he's at Liverpool to win trophies, not for personal glory.

"It has been a very good season for me already, and yes, I would be happy now with 30, but I am more happy when the team wins. I have not won anything yet, just for the under-18s and under-19s in Madrid. It is a long time ago and I have come to Liverpool to win things.

"My target is titles, not just goals. I don't know when, this season or the next but I will want that.

"I hope I stay here for a long time. I have a six-year contract so I have every intention of being here a long time, and if everything continues okay maybe I will want to sign for more."

Not bad looking. Not afraid of commitment. Can score hat tricks. If I was a bird, I'd send him my panties. Hell, I might anyways.

In other news, England boss, Fabio Capello, has stated that Liverpool need to not be over confident when they visit San Siro.

Inter can reverse the result. They are really strong at home.

I think we'll be fine if we play it smart. Inter can only buy so many goals and they still have several games in Serie A to get through, right?

I might have made that last part up, but if I didn't--you heard it here f--actually you probably already knew that.

Get well soon Eduardo!
And congratz to Tottenham. They deserve it.

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