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Gerrard Told Team to Keep Going

GerrardWe Liverpool fans don't have a lot to be excited about these days, so I'm going to write about the win over Inter Milan for the next month. According to Dirk Kuyt, who is everywhere all of a sudden with interviews, Steven Gerrard would not settle for leading Inter 1-0.

"We had been patient and worked so hard that when the goal finally arrived I suggested to Stevie that maybe we should try to retain possession and make sure we finished with a clean sheet.

He just looked at me and said: 'No - we want another one.' Of course, he was proved right, and a good result became a great one when he scored right at the end."

Leave it to the captain to decide that even when you're ahead, you can do better, and then seals the deal to make it happen. Anyone that says Liverpool can't be successful with Stevie G playing needs to be beaten with a stick and left at Michael Jackson's house.

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