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LFC 2 - 0 Inter Milan

I meant to get this out yesterday, but apparently it was date night for The Offside bloggers, so I ended up going on one too.

It's amazing, you put out a strong XI and they win. Both teams came out aggressively, Inter probably a little bit too much as Materazzi accumulated two yellows very quickly and was sent off in the 30'. You can debate all day whether he really deserved the first one, but if you do that, you have to open up the debate for the 4 or 5 handballs that were not called on Inter.

The top team in Serie A was dominated for the rest of the game with Liverpool keeping possession 70% of the time and attempting 25 shots to Inter's 4. In the 84' minute the score line was finally busted when Kuyt took a long pass from Pennant off his chest and bounced one past the keeper. It looked like the ball grazed off an Inter defender and changed course just enough to be unstoppable. In the 90', another pass from Pennant, this time to Gerrard, produced another goal after the LFC captain rang it off the bottom of the far post. Brilliant!

I was hoping for more goals than that, but beggars can't be choosers so hopefully a two goal advantage will be enough to get us by when we make the trek to Milan next month. I couldn't find a good video to embed thanks to the godless bastards at UEFA, so here's a link:

Liverpool v Inter Milan highlights
Liverpool v Inter Milan highlights

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