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LFC 1 - 2 Barnsley

gallowsThis is what happens when you try to focus on cups instead of the league and then underestimate your opponent. Not to take anything from Barnsley, who had excellent defending and a keeper that I think was actually Superman, but Rafa didn't field a serious team against them. No Reina, no Torres, no Mascherano, Gerrard on the bench--ridiculous.

Putting Kewell in for Babel was a mistake. Gerrard should have been put in much earlier, but didn't come in until 75'. I really don't understand Rafa's take on why he thinks it is better to have the big guns come in late instead of getting them out and getting the score up and then resting them if possible. By the end of the season, we're going to be the most well rested losers in the league.

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